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Shelly Reef’s spiritual journey began at age 7 when she spontaneously began to meditate in her Kansas birth home. By age 22, she was studying Zen Buddhism in Asia, and in her mid-thirties, turned her attention to quantum science as applied to spirituality. Today, she works full time as an empath, sound healer, meditation expert, and instructor of the Therapeutic Harp.

A lifetime pursuit of spiritual wisdom led to studies in Japan, Peru, Bali, Thailand, and the United States. Teachers of Buddhism, shamanism, yoga, energy and sound healing, quantum science, and modern spiritualism helped to define the work that Shelly offers today. 

A 20 year career in design and the performing arts led her to work on Broadway, for the 2012 Olympics, and the Obama White House, among many other stages worldwide.  She credits the expressive world of the arts in adding texture and context to her spiritual work and enriching her ability to connect with people.

The self-appointed title “World Spiritualist” refers to her agenda of no-agenda other than awakening inner joy and compassion in the hearts of as many fellow humans as possible in her lifetime. She describes her work as being unbound by religion, culture, or social construct. Her mission is your happiness and the resulting harmony of life on Earth.

Shelly is a former master instructor of AntiGravity Aerial Yoga, co-developer of AntiGravity Restorative Yoga, and has held master instructor trainings in over 15 countries since 2010.  She is developer of the Shelly Reef Therapeutic Harp technique and currently offers trainings to a worldwide student base.

Shelly has lectured on the topics of integrative healthcare, sound healing, and meditation at New York University, Tze Shan Monastery in Hong Kong, AsiaSpa Awards, and many more. 

Currently based in San Diego, California, Shelly is in residence with Soul of Yoga and Sacred Sound of the Soul as a sound healer, empathic reader, and Therapy Harp instructor.  She continues to travel globally and tends to her long term project of one day opening “The Temple of Light and Sound” in Reykjavik Iceland.

Shelly is the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “The Immeasurable”.

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