Shelly Reef

Empathic Reading

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Your awakening is my gift to the world

My gift is the ability to see your authentic essence.
My work is to align you with your high self, and engage your greatest potential.  


In this session, I will look within to identify your hidden strengths, and any blockages that may be holding you back. I look behind the armor, the ego, and the fallout of life events to communicate with the part of you that is divine and all-knowing.  This divine essence is the true you, and the benefits of knowing this truth are profound and immediate.  The pains of life can often be instantly transmuted from this expansive perspective. 

During the session, we can then discuss anything that is of concern to you and you can ask any questions that may arise.  

Initial sessions are 90 minutes and followup sessions are 60 or 90 minutes, depending on your preference. 

At session's end, a healing is performed to align you with your highest self. The type of healing is as individual as the clients who receive them.  All healings performed are nurturing and affirming!  You will be gifted with custom processes, specific to your soul needs, that you can practice at home.

There are no cultural or religious boundaries in this work. My only personal agenda is to raise more light in the world by creating your happiness!  And of course, all work is completely confidential. 

Sessions are by video call, phone, or in person depending on my global whereabouts.

Hospital visits, travel engagements, and special arrangements for celebrities are available by request. 

Please acknowledge this disclaimer: This is a service of spiritual nature and is not a replacement for medical or psychological care.