Your awakening is my gift to the world.

Aligning you to joy is my work.

Upcoming events with Shelly:

Encinitas, California:   

Every Sunday, 11am-12pm, Harp and Crystal Healing, Sacred Sound of the Soul                                                                                     

Every Tuesday, 3:30-4:30  Harp and Crystal Healing, Soul of Yoga                    

Therapy Harps and Trainings

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Summer Iceland Retreat! June 11-17 2020

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“I highly recommend Shelly to anyone who is seeking a clearer understanding of oneself and the patterns that prevent the emergence of the joyful beauty and greatness that is our birthright.”

Darlene, Utah

“Heart opening, focused healing energy. I felt a deepening sense of self and connection and received very practical instruction for accessing my own creative power. Shelly's crystal bowl sound bath brought me HOME”

Melissa, Brooklyn

“Shelly showered me with her light…and brought light into places I dared not go alone. Physical, emotional and very old pain was released into the ether. Thank you, Shelly!"

Suzen, Hawaii

“Through my work with Shelly, I feel that I know who I am for the first time in my life. I am free of so much weight of the past, and I see amazing changes every day in my life.  I have truly been given a fresh start! Thank you!”

Sunna, Iceland

“Shelly created truly safe space in which I could dig deeper into my own self, awakening part of me I had not yet discovered. Her beautiful words caressed my soul with warmth and caring.  Thank you so much Shelly!”

Irene, Hong Kong

Private Emapathic Readings

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