Shelly Reef

Global Light Activation

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The Global Light Activation is a guided meditation and sound healing event led by world spiritualist Shelly Reef.

The goal is to increase peace on Earth through the focused intensions of participants. The process is easy, inspiring and accessible to everyone!

This blissful group experience consists of a seated guided meditation in which participants are expertly guided to align with their joy. This is followed by a reclining sound bath and guided meditation journey. During this gentle inner journey, the light of each individuals inner joy is energetically channeled to activate love in the hearts of humanity and on the whole of the Earth!

The journey is one of profound joy and deep relaxation. All belief systems are welcome and there is no experience necessary.

​The Global Light Activation is suitable for groups from 10 to 10,000.

The more hearts present, the more light and peace we bring to the world!

Please inquire for fees and bookings.
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