Shelly Reef

The Way of the Magician

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Manifesting through the Quantum Field 

2-3 hour workshop 

We are powerful creators, able to manifest the life we desire to a large degree. We have only to master the tools. 

Beyond positive thinking and the law of attraction, this course places the tools of manifestation directly in your hands. Shelly Reef has studied and practiced under the original teachers of the quantum/spiritual movement for more than 20 years.
Drawing from Abraham-Hicks, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and many more, Shelly delivers to you the secret that was not revealed in 
“The Secret.” 

In this introduction to the power of concentrated thought, you will be expertly guided through the steps of manifesting in the quantum field. You will learn to access the areas of the brain where intention becomes reality, and dreams become real. 

Come and play in the realm of the magician! All are welcome.

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