Soul of Yoga Sound Institute: Level 1 and 2 Therapy Harp Training


25-hour accredited training with Shelly Reef  

Level 1 

(LEVEL 2 to be posted here on Monday)

The Soul of Yoga, Encinitas, California 
Accredited Training
May 1-4
1pm-8pm each day
SPACE IS LIMITED.  Order your harp and register soon to guarantee your space in this uplifting training!  The last day to order your harp for this event is March 5.
  • 21 hours of in-class, hands-on instruction (live stream also available)
  • 4 hours of public service at a hospital, retirement center or hospice care

Approved for CE's by Yoga Alliance 
Live Stream class available worldwide

Join Shelly Reef for a beautiful and transformative sound healing training with The Soul of Yoga Sound Institute. 

Perfect for sound healers, yoga teachers, energy and medical healers, child specialists, hospice workers, and anyone seeking healing bliss!  No experience required.

Are you ready to create entire chords of exquisite sound healing in a single stroke? In this training, learn to play the Therapy Harp and bring beautiful healing frequencies to the bodies, ears, and auric fields of your clients and those of your SELF!

About the Harps:

Therapy harps are specially designed for healers and therapists and can be played by anyone.  They come in four different tunings, channeled by energy healers, to access different frequencies of healing.  (Listen to the 4 tunings below!) They can be played directly on the body, in the lap or as an accompaniment to Sivasana or Nidra. Therapy Harps feature unique “sound ports” for access to instant tranquility when placed against the ear. 

Listen to the 4 tunings:
Choose the chords you love most, or the ones that best serve your purpose as a healer.  Headphones are recommended.
  1. Earth tuning

    • Processing in the physical and emotions bodies
    • Deep relaxation and pain release
    • Alignment to life on Earth

    This minor chord mirrors the mystery and emotion of life on Earth. Moving, stirring, this tuning brings deep seated energies to the surface for healing. Works at the deepest levels of humanity.  Facilitates deep healing work.

  2. Heart tuning 

    • Grounding in the physical body
    • Igniting higher states of unconditional love
    • Healing of blocked emotional energy

    This major chord activates unconditional love in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Immediately felt in the physical heart and energetically felt everywhere as emotional blocks release.  Great in all situations.

  3. Angelic tuning 

    Accessing the Angelic realms
    Perpetual joy and playfulness
    Alignment to high frequency light
    Rich in complexity, this tuning calls upon the Angelic realms. Its heavenly quality lifts the receiver to high dimensions of joy, opening the gateway to divine healing and guidance. Creates an atmosphere of the divine.

  4. Celestial tuning 

    Universal consciousness
    Elevated states of being
    Cosmic alignment
    This uplifting major chord, is as spacious as it is grounding. Aligns the physical with high states of cosmic love. Connects heaven to Earth, Humanity to the Universal realms.  Great for expanding consciousness.

Rosette options:
 Tree of Life
Celtic Knot 


Choose your package: 

Harp + Soul Package:

  • Custom-built Therapy Harp in the tuning and style of your choice (shipping not included)
  • Padded carry case with strap and accessory pocket
  • Electronic tuning kit
  • 25-hour training

purchase your harP ($2,000) 
Register with Soul of YogA ($950)

Training + Harp Rental Package: 

  • Sole use of a Therapy Harp for the 21 hours of on-site training
  • 25-hour training
  • $400 towards purchase of harp should you choose to buy
  • (Limited spots open! Not available for on-line students)

Rent your harp ($400) Register with Soul of Yoga ($950)

Training only: 

  • 25-hour training
  • You must provide your own 38-string harp  

Register with Soul of Yoga ($1150)

Online via live-stream video: Available in two different packages

  • Harp + Soul package 
  • Training only: (You must provide your own 38-string harp) 

    Register with Soul of Yoga
    (Opens in a new window, scroll down to the bottom for this online option)

    The curriculum will include:
    1. How to care for and tune your harp
    2. Hand techniques and musical dynamics needed to easily play beautiful music
    3. Sound port techniques and on-body etiquette
    4. Sound healing fundamentals and energetic anatomy
    5. Defining your specialty as a healer
    6. Entrainment: energetically connecting to your client
    7. The applied science of chords   
    8. Clinical intake and diagnosing
    9. Merging the harp and healer
    10. Specialty techniques (plucking, hammers)
    11. Practical practice time
    The on-site course culminates in a group sound healing celebration with each person receiving the rare and extraordinary experience of being healed by 3 harps at once; a sound port to each ear and a harp on the body!
    If you cannot attend in person, the option to attend via live stream video will be available at the time of registration with Soul of Yoga. 
    More about Therapy Harps:

    The Therapy Harp is tuned to harmonize within itself, meaning you can never hit a wrong note and need no musical background to play exquisite music. These harps  have been meticulously perfected by energy healers to create the most accessible and effective sound healing instrument possible. 

    You can play this harp directly on the body of the client for maximum vibrational effect. The unique feature of 'sound ports,' located on the flanks of the instrument, produce a wondrous and instantly soothing effect when gently pressed to the ear.  This has been described as the sensation of being fully immersed in healing frequencies, as if standing within the harp itself. 

    This is the highest quality therapeutic harp available. These instruments are individually hand-crafted in the USA using the highest quality redwood and exquisite metal fittings to create a resonance that is unparalleled in similarly-sized harps. The harps feature 38 strings and a 3.5 octave range.

    Therapy Harp Sound Port  "Heart tuning"

    About the teacher:

    American sound healer and empath Shelly Reef travels the globe bringing light to the hearts of humanity. Her meditation work spans over 30 years, her teaching, more than 20 countries.

    With the agenda of raising frequency on Earth, Shelly teaches Therapeutic Harp, meditation, and telepathy. Her work is unbound by religion, culture, or social construct.  She is author of the soon-to-be-released book, "Silent Monkey."